Buccola Engineering, Inc. (BEI) is a multi-purpose, professional service firm with extensive experience in all phases of Civil Engineering.  The growth attained since the company's founding in 1978 enables BEI to offer their clients the very highest level of professional service.

These services include . . .

Planning and Research

Boundary and Topographic Surveys

Preparation of Plans and Specifications

A.L.T.A. and Construction Surveying

The members of BEI are skilled experts in their specialties and take professional pride in their responsibilities.


Client conferences are scheduled immediately following a project assignment in order to clarify the scope of work, project scheduling and budget.  Preliminary design studies are then made and economic comparisons are prepared.  Based on the client's desires, and the physical and governmental restraints, the optimum solution is determined and plans are prepared and submitted to the client for review.


After acquiring the necessary approvals from City and/or County agencies, etc., a Chief-of-Party conducts a topographic survey by field or aerial methods.

All surface and sub-surface structures are located and boundary streets are cross-sectioned.  The latest electronic survey equipment is used to compile the desired field data.  This data is then plotted in the office and a boundary and topographic map is prepared.


Each project is under the direct supervision of a principal of the firm.  The client is kept advised of the status of the project and deals directly with the principal on matters regarding progress, changes and budget.

Design team members are assigned on the basis of their special skills and abilities, and all projects are under continual supervision by the principal in charge.

We believe that promptness and continuity are important to the accuracy and thoroughness of the design.  The design team, therefore, pursues one project at a time through to completion if at all possible.  Close coordination with the client, and any other consultants, is maintained at all times.

Upon approval of plans and specifications, we monitor the progress of the construction bid and advise the client on the awarding of best contract.


BEI provides mapping services for subdivisions, ALTA surveys, record of surveys, lot mergers, lot line adjustments, public dedications, utility easements, and deed restrictions.  We use Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) to prepare these documents which is both cost effective and adds clarity.  CADD allows us to edit, revise and duplicate work easily.  CADD also gives us the ability to provide data files required by many government agencies who are building geographic information systems.

Mapping services may also include the preparation of legal descriptions.  Legal descriptions written in the metes and bounds format are generated by our computer software to achieve conformity with the CADD plat.  All mapping services are completed under the direct supervision and signed by a Licensed Land Surveyor or Registered Civil Engineer.

Tract and parcel maps are prepared in conformance with the approved tentative map and conditions of approval, State of California Subdivision Map Act, a title report, and local ordinances.  Maps are closely monitored during the governmental checking process to achieve steady progress toward recordation.

ALTA surveys are prepared in conformance with the standard detail required for ALTA/ACSM land title surveys and coordinated with the client's title company.  If requested, the survey can also include additional information to satisfy the requirements desired by the client, lending agency, or title company.

Record of surveys are prepared in conformance with the State of California Land Surveyor's Act and local ordinances.  Maps are processed through the county surveyor's office and recorded by the county recorder.


All field personnel are directly employed by BEI and are under the supervision of a licensed Land Surveyor who performs the duties of the Chief-of-Party.  The Party Chief is assigned a project, and that same Party Chief is responsible for all phases of a project from pre-construction to the as‑built stage.  The Project Engineer and Chief-of-Party meet regularly to discuss field related issues of the project and the status of construc­tion staking activities.

Field crews at BEI are provided with the support of an office technician to take full advantage of our computer system.  We have found that our field operations are more efficient and free of error by utilizing the speed and dependability of our office computer.  By functioning in this support role, the technician also is able to review the particulars of a field assignment and have any needed communications completed and uncertainties resolved before field work begins.